Freebie: Ballroom Queen V4 (PC Only)

This ball gown for Victoria 4 is my contribution to the 2010 Platinum Club Challenge.


Ballroom Queen V4 is conforming clothing–a ballgown for Victoria 4 that is my contribution to the 2010 Platinum Club Challenge at


* 1 OBJ

* 1 CR2

* MC6 files

* PZ2 MAT files

* the relevant original Abyssal Queen textures (4 sets)

* options for a semi-transparent or opaque overskirt

* hide/show poses for material zones/handles.

This is a very download:  Approximately 50MB in all (if you download the textures, too).  Do not hot-link to these files.  Please link to the page.  Enjoy & let me know what you think. :)

NOTE: These files are PASSWORD PROTECTED. The password is ONLY available in the Platinum Club forums. You must be a member to unlock the files according to the terms of the project by DAZ3D (i.e. this is DAZ’s rule not mine). Please do not download unless you’re a member because the file will not open for you. If you download it needlessly, you will waste my bandwidth.  The password is very tough (impossible gibberish) and not crackable…

If you’re a PC member, you can get the password here (you have to log in):

>> DOWNLOAD FILE 1 (8.1MB; Everyone needs this)

>> DOWNLOAD FILE 2 (41MB; These are the old/original textures; please only download this if you don’t have Abyssal Queen V3 from DAZ installed; these are exactly the same textures; I have NOT created new textures for this yet)

>> Optional: Templates for Texture Creation (no password) — UV Maps – PC_V4 Ballroom Queen from Abyssal Queen

Shown with no overskirt transparency

Example of the overskirt transparency option

Author: andolaurina

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  1. Magnificent work with outstanding detail thank you for posting this and all your Master pieces. Don’t believe I will ever use it but Beauty should always be phrased.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year God Bless you and yours.

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  2. Thanks so much for this beautiful creation. I can’t wait to use it!

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  3. It’s a lovely dress. But is really considered free if one has to purchase a membership to get said freebie? And don’t give me any of that free for members bull. It’s not free.

    But other than that It is a lovely dress. I just wish it was actually you know FREE.

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    • You make a valid point, but you don’t have to buy anything from *me*, so in most Poser circles, yes, this is a freebie. I would give you the dress completely free if it were up to be but I’m bound by DAZ’s rules since they own the original dress. They’re the ones who require the membership for this. For a totally free dress, head on over to ShareCG. I have a free Galadriel dress for many figures. It’s totally free and you can download lots of free (yes, totally free) textures for it made by me and others.

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